“The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower”

Brings Out the Best Flavor in the Meat, Reduces your Cooking Time. It helps to Cook your Meat more evenly. And gives you a Cleaner Burn in your Firebox. The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower makes smoking meat fun!


Patent Pending




1. Automatic or Manual Temperature Control
2. Variable Speed Fan  (1-100 cfm of airflow)
3. 12 volt Li-ion rechargeable battery
4. 20 High Temperature Magnets on a carbon steel face plate
5. 6 ft. Stainless Temperature Probe
6. 2 amp Battery Charger 
7. Safety Hook for adaptability to various fireboxes
8. Heat Shield that attaches to the front plate 


Put the Fun Back into your Backyard or Competition BBQ Events!
If your cooking a Brisket for 12 hours Let Our BBQ Blower Circuit Board Control Our Variable Speed Fan to Regulate The Cooking Temperature at 225 degrees ! Just add the wood when it’s needed!


1. The Blower assist in lighting your Fire.
2. You Burn less wood in your Firebox
3. The Blower reduces your cooking time
4. The Blower Enhances the Flavor of your Meat
5. The Blower helps to cook your meat evenly
Quick Specs

Built In Temperature Controller Automatically Control Your Airflow using a Variable Speed Fan from 0 - 100 CFM of Airflow

Key Features

The Blower Creates Heated Airflow that Reduces Excessive Smoke on your Meat. You used less wood when cooking. It Promotes Healthier Outdoor Cooking when connected to your Smoker

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